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The oil and gas industry has rigged the system in Sacramento – and California’s future is hanging in the balance.

Fossil Fuel Hydrogen is a Climate Dead End
New Evidence Shows Industry Attacks on Renewables and Energy Storage Continue to Fail
The oil and gas industry is obstructing California's clean energy transition, and it’s a big risk for Californians. Clean energy isn't just about being green, it's key to creating energy that can withstand heat waves and provide a reliable future for families. Once again, the oil and gas executives are putting their profits ahead of Californians’ best interests, when the facts show that clean energy is cheaper and more reliable.
The Oil and Gas Industry Agenda in California
California has taken important steps to combat climate change and transition to 100 percent clean energy, but in recent years, the state has fallen short, caving to gas and oil interests and abandoning its position as a climate leader.
The fossil fuel industry is using CA legislators to kill critical climate legislation.
The oil and gas industry has rigged the system in Sacramento, using intensive lobbying, campaign contributions to influence legislators, and an aggressive effort to reframe the continued burning of fossil fuels as consistent with climate action. Many legislators who say they support climate action go on to accept oil money, and then take or skip votes, ensuring that environmental bills die.
SEMPRA, Chevron, and Western States Petroleum Association Ramping Up Lobby Spending To Delay Climate Action and Create Special Deals for Themselves
What do SEMPRA, Chevron, and the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) have in common? All three are among the top spenders in recently submitted California lobby expenditure reports, shelling out a combined $2.4 million in just the first three months of 2022, according to lobbying disclosures.
Polling Shows California Public Wants Leaders To Act on Clean Energy and Climate
Recent polling in California shows that the gap between the oil and gas industry’s stances and the public’s desire for state action on clean energy and climate is broad and growing.
WSPA EV lobbying efforts
The oil industry, led by the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA), has been working hard to slow the adoption of zero emissions vehicles in the West, pitting them directly against trends in the auto industry and against their own claim that they support increasing access to reliable and environmentally responsible energy options.
SoCal Gas
If you want to understand the climate fight in California, you need to know about SoCalGas. The Southern California affiliate of Sempra — the nation’s largest natural gas utility company —  has emerged as perhaps the leading opponent of the next logical steps to fight climate change and pollution in California. They are pioneers of a new and more deceptive kind of opposition to climate action, using front groups and lobbying tactics to push state legislators to carve out special policies that advance a pro-gas agenda.