Release: Climate scorecard allows Californians to track oil and gas contributions and legislator votes – CA Climate Accountability Project

Release: Climate scorecard allows Californians to track oil and gas contributions and legislator votes

June 29, 2023


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Is Your Legislator a California Climate Champion? 

Climate scorecard allows Californians to track oil and gas contributions and legislator votes 

(SACRAMENTO, CA) 79 percent of California legislators accept campaign money from the oil and gas industry, and 16 of the top 20 recipients earned a D or F grade on climate action, according to a new webtool and climate scorecard released today by the California Climate Accountability Project (CCAP).

 With the launch of the tool, CCAP is shining a light on the millions the oil and gas industry is spending to influence California policy makers, while also spotlighting the climate champions who vote for California’s future.

 By entering their zip code, Californians can get information about their legislators’ industry campaign contributions, as well as a Climate Score based on votes on key recent climate bills.

Despite a pledge by the California Democratic Party to refuse to accept campaign contributions from oil and gas interests, 72 out of 94 – 76.6 percent – of all Democratic Assemblymembers and State Senators took contributions from oil and/or gas companies. Oil and gas industry influence takes many forms, including direct campaign contributions and independent expenditure campaigns as well as millions more in lobbying regulators and state legislators to oppose policy and regulation meant to build out California’s solar and wind resources, improve its electric vehicle infrastructure and transition buildings to zero-emissions energy. 

“We support the climate champions in our legislature who are putting our state on the path to a climate-safe future,” said Ellie Cohen, CEO of The Climate Center. “But California isn’t making progress fast enough and it’s because of oil and gas money in Sacramento. Legislators need to side with people, not polluters, and reject campaign contributions from oil and gas interests. Together, we will hold our lawmakers accountable and secure the accelerated, equitable climate solutions that Californians deserve.”

“For too long, fossil fuel companies have funded legislators in Sacramento, rigging the system against low-income, BIPOC communities,” said Raquel Mason, Policy Manager at California Environmental Justice Alliance. “They have avoided scrutiny. That’s about to change. Our legislators need to stand up for the health and future of all Californians, rather than working behind the scenes to protect corporate profits.”

California’s legislators are considering several critical bills, including SB252, SB253 and SB261 that could bolster the state’s climate ambitions, and each will come with a fight from special interests. CCAP will continue to call attention to the voting patterns of legislators in Sacramento. 


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