Who We Are – CA Climate Accountability Project

Who We Are

Californians want cleaner and cheaper energy sources, breathable air, and a livable state that future generations can enjoy.

We’re already on a path to clean up our energy grid and turn away from dirty fuels in our vehicles and buildings. But Oil & Gas executives and Sacramento lobbyists are slowing down our progress and keeping us tied to energy sources of the past.

Californians are suffering the consequences of these delays real time in their pocket books, with their health, and in the growing impacts of climate change like wildfires and drought.

The California Climate Accountability Project is working to ensure the state moves toward 100% clean energy and enacts strong climate policies. We’re sharing research and information to make sure the public has the real facts.

The California Climate Accountability Project is a project of the Resources Legacy Fund and Fund for a Better Future.

Email us at contact@CAClimateAccountability.org to get in touch.